by Glenn Thomas
1st place AHA COC 05/01, 1st 2001 DEA Challenge, 1st 2001 US Open, Bronze medal winner in the the ET Barnette Homebrew Competition, Fairbanks, Alaska, 07/01

All Grain 5 gallons net

O.G.- 1.094
F.G.- 1.028

18 lb. Weissheiiemer Pilsen Malt
6 lb. Weissheimer Munich Malt
2 lb. 60L Crystal Malt
8 oz. Malted Wheat
4 oz. Belgian Chocolate Malt

Add all of the malts except the Munich to 7 gallons water treated with 2 teasp. calcium carbonate and heated to 130 degrees F. Hold at 122 degrees F for 15 minutes then slowly raise to 140 degrees F.

In another pot add 2-1/2 gallons and heat water to 110 degrees F before adding Munich Malt. Hold Munich Malt at 108 degrees F for 10 minutes then slowly raise to 151 degrees F, stirring frequently. Rest Munich mash at 150 degrees for 10 minutes then bring the mash to a boil and boil for 10 additional minutes. Add Munich mash to main mash tun to raise the temperature of the mash to 138 degrees F. Slowly raise mash temperature to 158 degrees F and hold for 10 minutes. Raise mash temperature to 169 degrees F and hold for 5 minutes before starting sparge.

Sparge mash with 170 degree F water to collect 9 gallons.

ounce Tettnanger hops at start of 90 minute boil
ounce Tettnanger, 30 minutes
1 ounce Hallertauwith, 30 minutes
1 tsp. Irish moss, 30 minutes

At end of boil cool wort and pitch with a 1 quart/ 2-step starter of Wyeast #2206 Barvarian Lager yeast. Ferment at 53 degrees F for 12 days, raise temperature to 58 degrees F for 1 day diacetyl rest then slowly drop to 38 degrees F after transferring to secondary . Lager at 38 degrees F for at least 12 weeks. Keg and force carbonate to 2.5 volumes Co2.