Extract IPA

by Jim Cross

(from November 98 Fermenter)

8.33 lbs. light malt extract syrup (2 big bags, 1 small)
2.0 lbs. crystal 60L
0.5 lbs. malted wheat
1.25 oz. Nugget pellets (60 mins)
2.0 oz. EKG pellets (15 mins)
1.0 oz. EKG whole hops (dry-hopped into keg)
7.0 gals reverse osmosis water
2 tsp. water crystals
1 tsp. Irish moss
4 oz. corn sugar (priming)
WYEAST #1056

Start with 7 gallons of water in your cookpot, and begin bringing the water to a boil. At 130 o add the water crystals. Place the grains in a mesh bag, and add this to the boil. Typical mashing temperatures are in the 130 o to 170 o range, so I turn my burner down to slow the temperature rise through this range. (This is not a "hard-and-fast" rule; itís just my preferred method. Iím trying to add some color with the crystal malt, and help the head retention with the wheat.) Remove the grain bag when the temperature reaches 170 o . When the wort begins to boil, turn off your burner and add your extract. (This prevents the extract from going straight to the bottom and burning!) Once the extract is well stirred in, re-light the burner. Once the boil restarts, add your Irish moss. I added the Nugget pellets for 60 mins. Nugget is a powerful, economical bittering hops with good floral qualities for a bittering hops. Stir frequently. I added 2 oz. of (E)ast (K)ent (G)oldings at the 15 minute mark, along with my wort chiller, in order to sterilize it. After 60 minutes I covered my pot and started my chiller. Once the wort had cooled, I pulled it off into my fermenter. Once the temperature was at about 70 o , I added WYEAST #1056, obtained from one of our local breweries. I reracked the beer after three days, and kegged it after one week. An additional 1 oz. of EKG, in whole-hop form, and 4 oz. of corn sugar preceded the beer into the sterilized keg. This style typically has a lower carbonation level than most beers....4 oz. usually suits me, so thatís what I used.