Vanilla Pyment Still Sweet Mead

by Gary Morgan

Shamrock 2005 - 1st place Melomel, Ciders and Open Meads (Open Category Mead)

3.5 Gallon Recipe
Boil 3.5 Gals water and let cool.
Bring 1.5 Gals of the cooled water to 160 deg for pasteurization and add:

5.75 lbs Wildflower honey
1.25 lbs Clover honey
.75 teaspoon irish moss
.75 teaspoon yeast energizer
.5 teaspoon acid blend

Hold for 10 minutes then add

16 oz white grape concentrate

Add enough cooled water to make 3.5 gallons

Pitch Vinters Choice 3184 liquid sweet mead yeast right from pouch

Ferment at about 76 deg
Use Isinglas when racking to secondary
I split the batch when bottling. I added about 1.5 oz Vanilla extract to 6 bottles of this mead (72 oz) 
OG=80 TG=02 ABV 10-11%