Smoked Porter

by Jeff Vogt

(from March 97 fermenter)

After tasting Jeff's Smoke Porter at the January Carboy meeting, I was anxious to review the recipe. At 1062 it has plenty of malt and mouthfeel for this style beer. The smoked malt that was used was restrained but clearly in aroma and taste. Very clean with no major flaws. A fine example Jeff. Thanks!

6 lbs Munton's British Amber DME
1 lb Munton's Extra Light DME
1.25 lbs Weyermann German Smoked Malt (1.6L)
.5 lb Hugh Baird Chocolate Malt
.63 lb Hugh Baird 90L Crystal
.25 lb Hugh Baird Carastan 90L
.25 lb Carlson Black Patent Malt
.5 oz Chinnok Whole Hops aa-12% @60 min
.25 oz Chinook Whole Hops aa-12% @45 min
.5 oz EKG Whole Hops aa-5% @30 min
.5 oz EKG Whole Hops aa-5% @10 min
Wyeast 1056 American Ale



Add crushed grains to 160 F water and hold for 30 minutes. Remove grains. Add malt extract and hops according to the hopping schedule.

Boil for 60 minutes, chill, transfer to carboy, pitch yeast and aerate wort. Leave in primary for 3 weeks and secondary for 3 weeks.