Ciccarelli Stout

by John Ciccarelli

(from the June 96 Fermenter)

Mike Wallace's article
"It seems that John and I also made a batch and unknowingly, we both entered them in the Shamrock Open. They took first and second in the stout category! After a little friendly give and take (mostly instigated by Mary Jo) we entered them in the US Open. They took second and third!"

"John entered his beer as a Foreign Extra Stout. I left out the brown sugar and entered it as an oatmeal stout."

10 gallons

20#-2 Row Pale ale malt
.25# Black patent malt
1.5# Chocolate malt
1.25# Roasted malt
1# 120L Crystal malt
1# Wheat malt
1# Flaked barley
2# Flaked Oats
1# Carapils
1# Dark Brown Sugar
1 stick licorice
1 oz Nugget (13.7) @45 min
1.7 oz Hersbrucker (??) @ 5 minutes

use Wyeast 1084-Irish Ale yeast