Rattler's Oatmeal Stout

by Tony Hewitt

(from the March 97 Fermenter)

7.5 lbs American 2-row malt
12 oz Flaked Oats
10 oz Roasted Barley
8 oz Caramel malt 80L
1 oz North. Brewer aa-8.8% @60 min
1 tsp Irish Moss @10 min
1 oz Hallertauer (no aa) @6 min
Wyeat London Ale 1028
OG-1053 FG-1011

Add grains to 13 qts water at 168F to stabilize at 148F. Sparge with 170F water after complete conversion. Boil and add hops etc according to the schedule.

Primary for 4 days at 68F and second. for 10 days at 68F. Tony said, he finished with 4 gal but he reports his sparging methods have now improved and he should be close to the same OG for a 5 gal batch. Adapt to your system.