October Virtual Meeting

Happy Fall! I hope everyone is enjoying these cooler temperatures as much as I am. Our next virtual club meeting is next Wednesday, October 28th at 7pm. We have another great meeting lined up so I hope you can join!

As a continuation of our support of local breweries and education, Lynnwood Brewing Concern has put together a pack of 3 beers for purchase that we can taste through as a group. The beers will be a can of Czech Yourself Pils, a can of Hop on Top, and a bottle of Biere De Coupage (a fruited sour with red currant and hibiscus). They do not typically sell individual cans, but they are making an exception for us for through next week. I don’t have the exact price for the whole pack, but it should come in just under $20. If that cost is prohibitive, you should be able to omit any of the 3 you don’t want to purchase to lower the price. Mention you’re picking up the CARBOY pack, and you *may* need to mention the specific beers listed above if they look confused. It is not always easy to convey these things to the entire front of house staff! This is available for pickup between now and the 28th at 1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604. Unfortunately, I’m not certain any of the Lynnwood Brewers will be able to attend the meeting to discuss the beers, but they have sent me details about each beer including the recipe for Czech Yourself Pils, should anyone want to brew it themselves. I will send that information out via the email list and club forums, along with the meeting link, closer to next Wednesday. Not on the email list? Email CarboyPresident@CarboyClub.com with a request to be put on it.

In addition, CARBOY is trying to gauge interest in having a winter homebrew exchange event. Basically, brew your favorite winter brew, whether that be a winter warmer, pumpkin spice whatever, etc! Any style counts, so don’t feel pressured into a specific style. CARBOY will reimburse you up to a certain amount (probably not the entire cost of the brew, but we’re thinking around $30). In exchange for that reimbursement, we would like a certain number of beers (somewhere in the 15-20 bottle range, but we would be glad to negotiate if you’re a small batch brewer). Those beers would then be distributed to the rest of the dues paying club members for consumption at our December virtual meeting. If you are interested, there is a survey to fill out that you can find in either the email list that went out or the club forum.

Finally, unfortunately George was unable to give his presentation at last month’s meeting. He likely won’t be able to attend the next couple months, and so we agreed to send an elaborated version of his presentation slides to the club instead of making it a presentation. I will be sending that out in the email/club forum post closer to the meeting as well, along with contact information in the event anyone has followup questions for him. Just a reminder, if you have an idea for a presentation or would like to present something educational yourself, please email CarboyPresident@CarboyClub.com.
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