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Good press for Carboy; Zymurgy July/August 2016 Shamrock Article

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Gary Morgan:
I just got around to opening the July/August issue of Zymurgy. Page 67 starts a 2 page article covering this years Shamrock Competition.
Also, on page 16 there is a letter to the editor from our own gold medal winning Keith Eisel. The letter contains a picture of Keith and his brew cat, Niki (that's Keith on the left).
Carboy goes global!

I saw that and wondered how that came about? Was the author there or something?

Gary Morgan:
The author contacted Steve Winter. I volunteered to do the follow up. I wrote the intro stuff about the competition and sent the pictures. He edited my stuff and added the info from the winning brewer.

That's pretty cool Gary, would you mind bringing that issue of Zymergy to the next CARBOY meeting? I'd love to take a look! (I'm not an AHA member yet).


Gary Morgan:
I'd bring it but the next 4th Wednesday I'm in town is in October. Maybe someone else can bring the issue.


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