Steve Murphrey's ESB recipe

Shamrock 2000 Blue Ribbon Winner!

10 lb. Simpson's Maris Otter malt
0.5 lb. 1.5-degree dextrin malt (6-row)
1 lb. 38-48 degree Caramunich (2 row)
0.5 lb. 50-degree special roast malt
0.5 lb. Briess wheat malt
Wyeast 1089 yeast starter from 11-month old smack pack made with 3 cups of
pressure canned wort.
15 drops of Fermcap in boiling kettle.
2 oz. Northern Brewers leaf hops (6.9% alpha acid) for 75 minutes
1 oz. East Kent Goldings plugs (6.3% alpha acid) for 45 minutes
1 teaspoon Irish moss for 15 minutes
1 oz. East Kent Goldings pellets for dry hop in secondary.

Medium thickness single-temperature mash at 150 degrees for 75 minutes.  Gravity
before boil was 1.045.  Started with about 9 gallons in boiling kettle.  Boiled
for 75 minutes.  Chilled quickly to 68 degrees.  Initial gravity was 1.056.
About 6 gallons in primary at room temperature (about 68 degrees) for 3 weeks.
In secondary (with dry hops) for 1 week.  Force carbonated in keg, and counter
pressure bottled for contest.