The 1998 Shamrock Open, held March 14, 1998, in Raleigh, NC, is now history. Many thanks to all the CARBOY and TRUB volunteers who helped to pull this off. Things appeared to go smoothly throughout the day, and I think everyone who attended had a great time. We all appreciated Richard Todd's English

Mild, pulled with his beer engine, and the Carolina Brewing Company's Spring Bock. Even the weatherman cooperated by providing a welcome break in our recent cold spell. The quality of this year's entries was great. None of the judges complained about having many bad beers. We had 100 entries, divided into 11 flights.

Here are the winners:

Best of Show: Mark Bailey (Traditional Bock)

1st runner up: Eric Midkiff (English Special Best Bitter)

2nd runner up: John Rice (Marzen/Oktoberfest)

Best extract beer: Eric Bodensieck (Herb and Spice Beer)


Strongish beers (Strong ales, Barley wines,Bocks):

1st Mark Bailey (Traditional Bock)

2nd Keith Klemp/John Purl (German-style Helles/Mai Bock)

3rd Jim Buck (Traditional Bock)


Belgian beers (Belgian and French ales, Lambics):

1st Steve Gale (Belgian-style Flanders Brown/Oud Bruin)

2nd Keith Klemp/John Purl (Belgian-style Dubbel)

3rd Craig Peppin (Belgian-style Lambic)


United Kingdom Ales (English mild, brown, and pale ales, Scottish ale):

1st Eric Midkiff (English light mild)

2nd Stephen Murphrey (Scottish Export)

3rd Michael Fennessy (Scottish Export)


American Pale Ales:

1st Fred Johnson (American Pale Ale)

2nd Mark Bailey (American-style amber)

3rd Mark Griswold (American pale ale)


English Bitter Ales:

1st Eric Midkiff (English Best Bitter)

2nd Bill Mendyka (English Ordinary Bitter)

3rd Marcy Eckert (English Best Bitter)


Dark Beers (Porter, German dark):

1st Mark Bailey (Robust Porter)

2nd James Kinn (Schwarzbier)

3rd John Rice (Robust Porter)



1st Mark Griswold (Foreign-style Stout)

2nd Rick Theiner (Classic Irish-style Dry Stout)

3rd John Rice (Oatmeal Stout)


Classic Pilsener:

1st Bruce Barratt (German-style Pilsener)

2nd Jeff Gillette (Bohemian-style Pilsener)

3rd Eric MidKiff (German-style Pilsener)


Lightish Beers (German wheat, Kolsch, Fest, American lagers, CA Common):

1st John Rice (Marzen/Oktoberfest)

2nd Keith Klemp/John Purl (Weizen/Weissbier)

3rd Brian Dueweke (California Common Beer)


Interesting Beers (Smoked, Fruit & Vegetable, Herb & Spice, Specialty):

1st Eric Bodensieck (Herb & Spice beer)

2nd Jim Cross (Classic-style Smoked Beer)

3rd Bruce Pitner (Classic-style Specialty Beer)



1st Jim Buck (Sparkling Melomel)

2nd Stephen Murphrey (Still Melomel)

3rd Stephen Murphrey (Still Melomel)