The 1999 Shamrock Open, held yesterday in Raleigh, NC, is now history. Many thanks to the Southend Brewery and Smokehouse, for hosting the competition, and to the judges, stewards, and organizers for the work they did to make this competition a success.

The 5th Shamrock Open, with a record-breaking 176 entries, was the place to be if you wanted to drink a good beer, yesterday. We sampled a few leftovers while completing the paperwork this afternoon that were some very fine beers - and they weren't even the ribbon winners.

Here are the overall winners:

Best of Show - Al Clayson's Biere de Garde

2nd Best of Show - Bill MacKenzie's Oatmeal Stout

3rd Best of Show - Jay Adams's American Pilsner


Points for NC-BOY: (only those with more than one ribbon listed)

The Shamrock Open is the first of the three competitions that make up the North Carolina Brewer Of the Year (NCBOY) competition.  Here are the leaders, according to my calculations:

17 - Jay Adams
16 - Bill MacKenzie
16 - Al Clayson
8 - Mark Bailey
5 - Brian Cole
5 - Steven Peeler
5 - Scott Boeke
4 - Keith and Rick Klemp
4 - Anthony Becampis


Here are the ribbon winners (plus a few Honorable Mention winners) from the 18 flights:

Flight 1 Strongish Beers- Strong Ales, Barley Wines, Bocks

1st place: Brian Cole's English Old/Strong Ale
2nd place: Allen Ratzlaff's American Barley Wine
3rd place: Steven Peeler's Strong Scotch Ale


Flight 2 Belgian Beers - Belgian Ales, Lambics

1st place: Al Clayson's Biere de Garde
2nd place: Bruce Pitner's Pale Ale
3rd place: Kieth and Rick Klemp's Wit

Flight 3 Big Belgian Ale

1st place: Steve Peeler's Dark Strong Ale
2nd place: Jay Adams's Tripel
3rd place: Bruce Twyman's Tripel


Flight 4 Milds, Browns, Scottish Ales, and Pale ales

1st place - Jay Adams's American Brown Ale
2nd place -Craig Pepin's English Brown Ale
3rd place - Scott Oglesby's English Dark Mild


Flight 5 - Great British Ale

1st place: Kieth and Rick Klemp's Scottish Export
2nd place Brian Cole's IPA
3rd place: Anthony Becampis's Scottish Heavy


Flight 6 - American Ales

1st place: Jay Adams's APA
2nd Place: Mike Lewandowski's APA
3rd Place: Mike Lewandowski's American Amber


Flight 7 - English Bitter Ale

1st Place: Brian Grier's ESB
2nd place: Bruce Pitner's Best Bitter
3rd Place Kevin Myers's ESB


Flight 8 - Porter

1st Place: Mark Bailey's Robust Porter
2nd place: Jay Adams's Robust Porter
3rd place: John Clark and Bruce Twyman's Brown Porter,
HM- Mike Lewandowski's Robust Porter


Flight 9 - Stouts

1st place: Bill MacKenzie's Oatmeal Stout
2nd place: Mark Bailey's Imperial Stoutr
3rd Place: Rick Theiner's Foreign Stout


Flight 10 - Bocks

1st Place: Mark Bailey's Doppelbock
2nd place: Al Clayson's Helles Bock
3rd place: Jess Stokes's Doppelbock


Flight 11 - Lots o' Lager

1st Place: Al Clayson's Vienna
2nd place: Scott Boeke's Helles
3rd place: Al Clayson's Oktoberfest


Flight 12 -Pilsner

1st Place: Jay Adams's American Pilsener
2nd place: Bill MacKenzie's Bohemian Pilsener
3rd place: Steve Bryant's American Pilsener
HM: Al Clayson's Bohemian Pilsener


Flight 13 - Steamy or German Ale

1st Place: Paul Vezzetti's Altbier
2nd place: Bill MacKenzie's Kolsch
3rd place: Bill MacKenzie's Altbier

Flight 14 - German Wheat Beer

1st Place: Anthony Becampis's Weizenbock
2nd place: William Terrill's Dunkelweizen
3rd place: Scott Boeke's Weizenbock

Flight 15 -Weird Beer (Smoked, Fruit & Vegetable, Herb and Spice)

1st Place: Jim Cross's Smoked Porter
2nd place: Scott Boeke's Smoked Oktoberfest
3rd place: Al Johnson's Christmas Cheer

Flight 16 -Stranger than Fiction (Specialty)

1st Place: Bill MacKenzie's Dry Hopped Stout
2nd place: Bruce Twyman's Honey Wheat Ale
3rd place: Al Clayson's Public Enemy Imperial Stout

Flight 17 -Mead

1st Place: Steve Murphrey's Peach Melomel
2nd place: Brian Cole's Still Traditional Mead
3rd place: Steve Murphrey's Strawberry Melomel
HM: Dave Powell's Still Traditional Mead

Flight 18 -Cider

1st Place: Jim Cross's Cranberry Cider
2nd place: Jay Adams's Sparkling Cider
3rd place: Jim Navecky's Cherry Apple Cider

In addition to the above, the following were the highest scoring extract beers:

42 - William Terrill's Dunkelweizen

39 - Mike Lewandowski's American Amber

39 - Bruce Twyman's Honey Wheat Ale

39 - Bruce Pitner's Belgian Pale Ale