Mead Day 2011


The AHA official recipe, as well as previous Mead Day recipes, can be found at . The date will be Saturday, Aug. 6th, 9:30am at Todd’s house.  Address and phone number will be on the forum or contact Todd via the email address below..

Set up will start early if anyone wants to get a head start on the heat. The CARBOY Homebrew club will again provide yeasts, yeast nutrients, brats and burgers. Please remember to bring a lawn chair and something to add to a brat plate like baked beans, potato salad, chips, a desert, etc. Also, there will be plenty of good mead and beer to sample while we’re brewing. Feel free to bring some of your favorite beverages to share. We wouldn’t want you to get dehydrated!

Regarding honey: Either wildflower or orange blossom will cost $35 for a 15#/1.25 gallon share. Please reserve your honey as early as possible. If there is enough demand, another bucket can still be ordered.

Email Todd at wenzelt [AT] netzero [DOT] net if you want to brew OR VIEW so I can get a decent head count for the brats.

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