Feb 26 2014 Club Mtg – Raleigh Brewing – Off Flavors Session

The February meeting will be at the Raleigh Brewing Company from 7PM to 9PM in their training room. Mike Dixon has obtained the Siebel off flavors kit and will be conducting the training. Below is the list of off flavors that will be presented. The training will take the full two hours. There will not be time for homebrew sampling.

Off flavors listing:
Acetaldehyde; Acetic; Almond; Butyric; Diacetyl; DMS (Dimethyl Sulfide); Earthy; Mercaptan; Ethyl acetate; Ethyl hexanoate; Spicy; Metallic; Geraniol; Indole; Isoamyl acetate; Grainy; Isovaleric; Lactic; Caprylic; Papery; Vanilla; Bitter; Infection; Hefeweizen

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