Epiphany Craft Malts Tour – Nov. 8 – Durham

We have arranged for a facility tour of our local maltster: Epiphany Craft Malts. Please join us for this event!

Maltster Tour
Wednesday / November 8, 2017 / 6:00 PM

Epiphany Craft Malt
2700 Angier Ave
Durham NC 27703
(919) 886-7306

From their website:
“We operate in a 7,500 square foot malthouse in Durham, North Carolina. Every step of the malting process, from seed cleaning to steeping to roasting, takes place in our warehouse. The core germination equipment was manufactured in Germany by the Buhler Group. The container malting allows us the flexibility to malt using different types of small grains to meet our customers expectations.”

Bring a chair for a guaranteed place to sit. Feel free to bring a homebrew to share.

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