July’s virtual meeting and Mead day info

A couple club updates:

First, the next meeting will be virtual and take place on July 22nd. We’ll be trying something new to encourage tasting the same beer as a group as well as helping support a fantastic brewery that has always supported us in the past. Clouds brewing set aside 4 packs of specific beer with a special price of $2 per beer ($8 for the 4 pack) for us to taste through as a group. To purchase them, just visit during their taproom hours of Thursday thru Sunday 2pm to 8pm. Just mention that you’re buying the CARBOY tasting beers to get the discount. The beers are Bock to the Future, Midnight delight, Wolkenbrau, and Blood Orange Hop Jam. John will also be joining us on the 22nd to talk about these beers as we taste through them. The beers aren’t a requirement to attend the meeting, just a way for us to support the community, so pick them up if you can! Also on this front, we’re going to attempt to send the meeting link out via email this month. Our email list is likely incomplete, so if you’d like to be included on that communication please send your name and email address to carboypresident@carboyclub.com

Second, Mead day is approaching. Todd asked me to pass on a message to everyone, and so I’ll post it below. The meeting will be held in person at Todd’s house, so please use your best judgement on whether you should attend, and take all possible precautions if you do. See the message below, and the CARBOY forum for Todd’s address:

It’s coming up sooner than you think. Our honey order for the MEAD DAY BREW-IN will go in Tuesday, July 21st, BEFORE the Carboy meeting. Cost: orange blossom = $55/15# or blended wildflower = $35/15#(enough for a 5-6 gal. batch). Again, please contact me for guidance on recipes at wenzelt@netzero.net This year’s event will be Saturday, Aug. 1st, 9:00am. I’ll set up early for those who want to get a head start on any heat. Our sponsor, the CARBOY Homebrew club will again provide yeasts, yeast nutrients, brats, burgers AND SIDES. Please remember to bring a lawn chair and a carboy if you’re brewing. Also, there will be plenty of good mead and beer to sample while we’re brewing. Feel free to bring some of your favorite beverages to share BUT NO SIDE DISHES THIS TIME! WE’LL TAKE CARE OF THAT, TO MINIMIZE P2P CONTACT.

Location: Todd Wenzel’s Home

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