November Virtual Meeting Info

Apologies for the later-than usual communication. As you may have guessed, the brewery I had planned to work with this month fell through, meaning no mixed pack of beer to pick up this month. We’ll pick this back up in January since next month we have the holiday homebrew to share. More details on that in this months meeting.

In lieu of the local brewery this month, I’d like to encourage everyone to go out and pick up their favorite seasonal beer, and we can talk it over/review it during the meeting. I’ve already grabbed a few bottles of my favorite, Troegs Mad Elf. I’m interested to see what everyone else has!

And of course, in normal years this would be our cheese meeting. While we can’t share it this year, grab some cheese (stinky or not) and enjoy it along with the tasting.

The meeting date is this Wednesday, November 25th at 7pm. The meeting link can be found in the email sent out late this afternoon, or in the CARBOY forums.

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