February Virtual Meeting

Just wanted to share the information for this Wednesday’s meeting, and a few other club-related things. First – the meeting. We weren’t able to secure a brewery-partner for this month, so February’s meeting will probably be a casual social event. If you’d like to, pick up one of your favorite beers and give us a run down on it during the meeting. If not, you’re just as welcome to show up and have some great beer and brewing conversation! The link to the meeting can be found in the forums, or in the club newsletter.

An organizer of The Hoppy Possum homebrew festival asked me to pass on information about it –  https://www.hoppypossum.com/news/2021/1/22/brewer-applications-open-february-1st. Signups have already begun.

Phil, the brewer from Black Fire Brewing, contacted me to let me know he is selling some fermenters. He has between 8-10 5 gallon stainless steel Chapman fermenters. Some have ports, some don’t. Used but in good condition. You can contact him at Phil@blackfirebrewing.com for more information.

Finally, we finally have the details surrounding the Pink Boots Society collaboration. The recipe(s) and dates are finalized. I’ll give some more information at the meeting, but the basics are:

  • You can find the recipe and purchase the ingredients through Bull City Homebrew. https://www.bullcityhomebrew.com/product/5-gallon-knocking-boots/1551?cs=true&cst=custom
  • There are a few ‘suggested’ variations if you’d like to go a different path, or come up with a unique one of your own (different yeast, specialty malts, spice, etc)
  • On April 11th, from 3-4 pm, we’ll be hosting an ‘exchange’ of all the finished product at Bull City Homebrew. The idea is you would bring some number of bottles of your brew and get one of everyone else’s brew to take home and try
    • That gives everyone a little over a month and a half to brew the beer
    • We’ll be putting together a signup sheet in advance so that you know how many bottles to bring
    • Try them in your own time, or join us for an organized zoom afterwards to taste through some of them as a group. Info on this zoom to come

That’s everything, hope to see everyone on Wednesday!

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