CARBOY Monthly Mtg – Wed May 25th – Standard Beer + Food; 6:30-8:30

Big Brew’s are conditioning, Craft Beer Week is past and the heat is here. CARBOY will meet at Standard Beer + Food in Raleigh this coming Wednesday, May 25th. Come early for some delicious food and paired beers.

Standard Beer + Food
205 E Franklin St
Raleigh, NC 27604

Those attending the meeting should review the current CDC, NC and Raleigh protocols regarding COVID-19 to evaluate their risks in this hands on event. NC COVID-19 Protocols


6:30 PM – Shamrock Tastings … James will have several new Shamrock Beers for your palette edification. Compare what you perceive with that of some well versed Judges. A great time to hobnob with fellow brewers and beer lovers.

7:00 PM – Business Meeting – A short review of current topics, pending issues and future opportunities.

7:15 PM – Education Session – Tom Fransen will provide insight on Kveik yeasts. He’s prepared a sampling of a half dozen Kveik varieties using a common wort for you to taste the difference.

7:40 PM – Homebrewer’s Input … Share what you’ve brewed getting ready for the competition season.

8:30 PM – Conclude

Upcoming Calendar:

CARBOY Meeting – June 22nd; (note the 4th Wed and not the last) Location TBD

CARBOY Officer Elections – June 22; Throw your hat in the ring now!

CARBOY Pint Nite – June TBD Member Only

Homebrew Con – Pittsburgh – June 23-25 HomeBrew Con   CARBOY NHC

Bond Brothers ‘Triangle Cup’ – July 9th through September; See Forum Triangle Cup 2022

Iron Brewer IX – Scheduling a Fall Event

National Mead Day – August 6 … CARBOY Mead Event will take place in October

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