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Started by DBuns, February 09, 2010, 09:30:18 PM

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I don't know how much of a homebrewer readership they have, but we made it into their article on homebrewing in Cary!

Check it out -->

lost shaker


Attention Cary Brewers:

If interesting in being the subject of an article in, please see below.....


Any guys in the club that make wine? Grow hops? Grow barley? Make cheese? etc.?
Some kid of funky angle would be interesting.  Folks that live in Cary only please.

We'll even send our photographer out for pics....

Can you send thi on to your membership and have them contact me if you can?

Matt Young, Managing Editor, CaryCitizen

Gary Morgan

Very cool Dave. I think I'll contact the guy re: my wine exploits.


What about us in Morrisville, we are kinda Cary.... :lol:


Give them time, you will live in Cary soon....


Quote from: "Gary Morgan"Very cool Dave. I think I'll contact the guy re: my wine exploits.

Go for it, Gary!  I don't think I included his e-mail.  It's



Decent little article. Never heard of the "carycitizen" before. I wonder is it web only?? I went ahead and signed up for their emails..Maybe I'll make my hops plants famous  :lol:


The guy can't write to save his life, but good topic nonetheless.  :)