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Watch for an article in the N&O about CARBOY

Started by lost shaker, July 06, 2007, 02:21:47 PM

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lost shaker

I spoke to Julie Bradford of All About Beer, who wanted to learn more about our adventures to Denver NHC, and about the success of our club.

She said the article would likely be in next Friday's N&O (July 13, same night as our Big Boss Tour).

Keep your eyes open, and we'll see.



Michael, did you get the correct spellings of our names?   :D

lost shaker

Actually, come to think of it, she never asked about names.

For all I know, she'll totally blow us off.  Tomorrow will tell.


lost shaker

Julie said it wasn't in this week due to a schedule change.  She is getting me the exact date.  Stay tuned.