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White Street Brewing

Started by smiths9312, October 15, 2012, 08:27:27 AM

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Acording to White Street Brewing's Facebook:

We are exploring the idea of having a monthly Homebrew Club meeting. At this stage, we are trying to gage the interest from our fans. Let us know what you think including your ideas of what you would like to see happen with a Homebrew Club.


I spoke with the owner about this a few weeks ago.  In the past I've talked to some homebrewers in the WF area that wanted to create a club as they didn't want to make the drive to our meetings.  Not sure if it ever got off the ground.  This may be a good way to get one going in the area.

I also spoke with him about hosting Carboy meetings.  He is interested.  Problem is they are open Wed PM.  We would most likely have our meeting in the brewery for us to have homebrew.  The brewery is separated from the tasting room by a half wall.  Might be loud for our meeting but could be fun.