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Jarrad W. -- Cares/Concerns

Started by DBuns, May 28, 2012, 03:50:42 PM

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Hi all i should be moving to skilled nursing today and will post details once i get settled.  Thx for the visits, thoghts and prayers.


New location Brian center 6000 Fayetteville rd durham nc 27713. Rm 115 phone #or 9192226 4372


Dave, Walt H and I have been kicking around some fund raising ideas.  I think we found a few things to do just need to work on it a bit more.  I hope to present the ideas at the June club meeting.

In the meantime if you wish to donate please send your donations to the below address.  

Jarrad Wilkinson Recovery Fund
Fidelity Bank
2538 Lyon Station Road
PO Box 457
Creedmoor, NC 27522



We've decided to do multiple smaller fund raising events rather than one large.  TRUB members (or any NC club/homebrewer) are welcome to participate.  These events are still in the planning stages and we will talk more about them at the next club meeting.  Here are the ideas we've been talking about:

Thanks to Glenn W for this one.  We are looking at having a bottle auction where club members pull one or two beers from their cellar and donate to the silent auction.  We are going to collect donations from breweries etc for a raffle.  We've talked to Triangle Wine and may host the event there to get the public involved.  They've hosted silent auctions before and they should get a lot of public support.

Triangle Wine is hosting breweries over the next 4 or 5 weekends and have offered to setup something to collect donations and we can have a raffle.  We will need a club member to attend the event to handle the raffle, etc.  Triangle Wine has been very generous with our club and are more than happy to help with raising money for Jarrad.  Please stop by and thank them!!

John Federal has offered up using Homebrew Hump days at Brewmasters to raise money.  The idea is to have two or three homebrewers bring different styles of homebrew for sampling.  Brewmasters' customers can sample for free then donate for a 10oz pour.  We can do this more than once and should be a good source of donations.  John has also offered a 30% discount for ingredients going towards Homebrew Hump day beers for Jarrad.  American Brewmaster and Brewmasters has been helpful to the club over the years.  Stop by and thank John and/or Mark for their support.

I would like to arrange a big brew at one of the local breweries once Jarrad is able to get around and participate.  This probably won't be a fund raiser but more fun event for Jarrad.

I will be setting up a Webex meeting with video at the next club meeting so Jarrad can participate.  We will be able to talk to Jarrad and he can listen to the meeting as long as he desires.  So come by early and say hi to Jarrad.

If you have event ideas please pass them along to Dave B or I.

I will be contacting the other NC clubs to allow them to participate as desired.


Tom Viemont

I have a bottle of New Glarus fruit beer to donate.  It's either the cherry or raspberry.


Jarrad,s wife donated 7 six packs of Abita's Strawberry Harvest Lager for the bottle auction.
Never trust a skinny brewer.


I have a couple bottles who is collecting


Quote from: "Millhaus"I have a couple bottles who is collecting



I spent the evening at Three Floyds and will have at least the following for the auction:
- Six pack of Alpha King
- 22oz Apocalypse Cow
- 22oz Arctic Panzer Wolf
- 22oz Mutiny & The Mollusk Oyster Stout
- 22oz Blackbeard English IPA

I just wish they had some of the others availabile in bottles.  Zombie Dust was awesome!

Hopefully I'll track down more in Chicago this week and San Diego next week.


Sounds like there will be some awesome beers we can't buy locally!!!

We have some event planning yet to do and will post more details and what to do with the donations.  Hopefully in the next week or two we will have the details nailed down.  But for now keep looking through your cellar.  I heard rumor that one of the TRUB guys is donating a Bigfoot vertical.

Glenn has offered to organize this event which is awesome!!  Probably will need help beyond organizing.



I just got back from Three Floyds and hauled some good beer for the bottle auction.  I'm heading to San Diego this week so I wanted to gauge the interest level to see whether or not I should haul more.  So I'd like to do an early blind auction through the forum to find out.

I'm offering a set of three 22oz Three Floyds IPAs:
- Dreadnaught (
- Arctic Panzer Wolf (
- Apocalypse Cow (

The retail on these was about $36 so bids would need to exceed that.  One comment on the beer... I battled 100 temps for several days.  I managed to keep it cool the whole time.  But due to the time in a cooler with ice and water, the labels aren't looking their best.  They stayed on but they're a bit wrinkled.

If you want to bid, send me a private message with the amount.  I'll keep the bidding open until Monday at 11 PM.  The highest bid wins.

If you win, you write a check to the Jarrad Wilkinson Recovery Fund for the amount of the bid.  The full amount goes to him.  And you get some good beer.  What's not to like?

Steve Winter

Open with $50 on the Apocalypse Cow


I was doing them as a set but I do have more coming as singles for the real auction.

Please send any bids as a private message so it sticks with the blind auction approach the club has planned.


Awesome idea George!!  Good way to get everyone primed for the auction.

Glenn, Dave and I talked about the auction the other day.  Plans are to have it at Triangle Wine.  We need to meet with and finalize everything with TWC.  To allow time for gathering the auction items and advertising we are thinking of having the auction in August.

Hopefully we will be able to meet with TWC next week and provide an update then.



Thank you everyone for the donations and enthusiasm.   I wish i could enjoy some of these awesome beers sooner rather than later too.  I should know next week when and where we'll be heading also and will keep everyone posted.