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Jarrad Bathroom Remodel next workday

Started by MDixon, July 30, 2012, 07:41:27 AM

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Walt mentioned working on the bathroom next weekend since he is waiting for some input from the family.

I believe he said what needs to happen next is the plumbing rough and the electrical. That would include

-drain for shower pan
-supply for shower
-supply for toilet
-toilet drain
-relocate sink drains and supplies as needed

-change 3 gang BR to 4 gang and wire hanging box into 4 gang
-relocate vanity lighting as needed
-relocate vanity outlets if needed
-add circular OWB above shower pan and daisy chain to NWB to be installed above toilet

- -

Some other odds and ends that will happen soon
-Rough opening for transom window in toilet area including header
-Rough opening for 3-0 door to closet - !be sure all new door hardware is lever type!
-Fill in floor where bathtub drain was located
-Fill in floor where toilet was located
-Repair ceiling where fan was located
-Frame shower/toilet dividing wall

I'm sure Walt will chime in with other needs and what day(s) are planned to work.
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Saturday is mead day which might affect the number of people helping.




It looks like mead day was canceled.  I am willing to help out some this weekend if help is still needed.  Please reach out to me and let me know. I am available all weekend.

As per tools, I can't say that I have everything....  but enough to go pretty far.   For example I have several types of saws circular, table, jig, scroll, miter, reciprocating, and a hand saw or two...  I many other tools as well.   Reach out to me and I'll bring whats needed to get the job done.  (If I have it..)