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Thanks To Many

Started by Walt S, July 26, 2007, 06:28:05 PM

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Walt S

Just wanted to thank many of the people that have been doing some of the heavy lifting as of late.

Special thanks to Jim Navecky for his years of service as webmaster.  Jim is a quiet guy that does a lot in the background that sometimes goes unnoticed.  

Mike Dixon for driving the Forum and the recent By-laws revision

Mark Garwatoski for once again pulling off the grain buy and also to Mike Weiss for lending his truck and muscle to get the grain from the depot to Marks and the CARBOY meeting.

Michael Welch for coordinating the Big Boss Tour

Brian Sico for stepping up into the webmaster role.

Tom Viemont for putting some new spark into the education dept.

Todd Wenzelt for volunteering to host Mead Day again.

Dave and Sue Buning for being gracious hosts over the last few months.  Dave and Sue have been kind enough to lend their kitchen, garage, and basement for several projects.

All CARBOY Members for helping the club grow and making our guests and new members feel welcome at our functions.  I know this may have gone without saying, but I know clubs that are stagnant,  full of cliques, and are struggling to stay alive.  But, thanks to the pride that we have in our organization and the friendliness that come so naturally, the club is thriving.  

My feeble brain may have forgotten someone.  Please feel free to chime in.

My 2 cents,

Walt S.
Walt Sweeney