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Cool off time, apology and charities

Started by kevint, January 18, 2014, 12:22:57 AM

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I've had a couple beers and time to cool off.  I appreciate everyone's comments and apologize for my outburst.  Unless there is opposition I will continue as president.  If there is opposition please post here and I will defer to the other officers to lead the club.

While I accept the apologies let me be frank and say that I still don't appreciate the comments as presented.  I am good with disagreement and respect all opinions.  I also agree that messaging by text does not always come across as desired.  In any case its in the past and its time to move on.

I am not a follower of Robert's Rules (or whatever) and may do something inadvertently outside the rules.  If so please let me know and I will correct as necessary.  My goal is to do what's best for the club.

Now for the touchy subject... charities.  My goal for the vote in Feb was have the club decide the future direction and to put this subject to rest, so we can talk about more fun subjects.  I had planned to provide, at the Jan meeting and on the forum, some basic club budgetary info and specific info about the request to vote for donating proceeds from the Shamrock raffle to a charity, which is TBD.  

After thinking about it I believe those who are for donating think its a good idea but those against have a stronger opinion for not donating.  I don't like dictating to the club but unless someone else approaches me with a request to have a vote for donating Carboy funds to a charity, I consider this subject closed and there will be no more postings on the forum regarding club donations.  

OTHO if someone wants to coordinate a club outing to volunteer time at the Foodbank or other charity please let one of the officers know and we can help coordinate.



Excellent.  Glad you're back, Kevin.   :D

Gary Morgan

Good to have you back Mr. President :-)



Thanks for reconsidering.  Glad you are back.  :D
Never trust a skinny brewer.

Walt S

Walt Sweeney





Best news I've had today!  (I won't forget the New Glarus deal!!)   :D

Hope to catch up with you my next trip back to NC.