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Top of the Hill Brewery & Distillery

Started by bensbrews, March 18, 2014, 05:30:46 PM

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My good friend Chris Atkins one of the brewer at TopO has offered to open his doors for one of our meetings, also he said he could also give us a tour of the distillery and possibly the brewery with tastings.

The meeting would be located inside the distillery.

Not sure who i need to communicated this to but I figured it would be a great fun/learning experience.


Might be good just to setup a tour at a convenient time for them and forgo the meeting portion.
It's not a popularity contest, it's beer!


sounds good I will find out what dates work.


Quote from: "bensbrews"sounds good I will find out what dates work.

Ben, thanks!  This sounds like a great social event!  If there is anyway I can work a trip back to NC around this, I'll do it.  Appreciate you setting this up.



I talked to Chris he said the owner Scott would like to know how many might be coming and what day would work best? I will bring this up in the meeting this week and see when everyone would be interested.
Is April too soon to plan for it?  Or couple weeks after our April meeting.



I recommend you plan the meeting and let everyone know the date.  Those who can make the meeting will be there.
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