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Carobohemian malt offer

Started by jbkinn, May 30, 2014, 07:41:30 AM

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The Scotch Export I had was a test brew of the carabohemian malt I got from Chris at FullSteam. I exceeded the recommended 15% max that Wyermann suggests on purpose to see what happens and to make sure I would get a carmally product,which it did. My recommendation is to make 10% the max.

Ok, now here's my offer. I will bag this up in 5 lb zip-lock bags for those that want it. It will cost $1 a bag to cover my costs in getting it from Durham and the bag and time. I think this is only fare. Let me know on the forum.

I will make this offer to TRUB members as well and count on a dual member such as Todd Wentzel to take them to their meeting in June.

Payment is in cash. I will also figure out how to use Paypal.