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New FORUM Platform - April 1st

Started by Steve Winter, February 10, 2015, 09:59:58 PM

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Steve Winter

The new CARBOY platform will switched on Wednesday April 1st!

Jimmy has been diligently developing and planning for the transition to this new platform ... He can provide all of the technical details and bells & whistles, buy him a beer ... The new platform will provide CARBOY with greater flexibility and control of the functionality and interfaces; has a strong support base to keep it current with forum technology; it is the same platform being used by many brewing centric Sites, including AHA; has better SPAM defenses; and fits right into the budget with an annual cost of $0.

As with the current framework, there will be a Members Section. It will log annual dues and allow the Club to focus benefits of CARBOY back to the active members.

The majority (if not all) of content will be ported over, so 'history' will not be lost. All forum members should review and update their profiles for a fresh start.

Be ready for the big day! Or will it be a fools day? Stay tuned ...

Steve Winter

March 31st ... What will tomorrow bring? Winning Lottery Ticket? Free trip for two to the AHA Conference in June? A new view for your favorite Beer Centric water cooler?


Wow... the transition was seamless... Looks just like the old one!  I can't even tell the difference!


Ok, so maybe it will be April 3rd...


And here it is!  Your login name/password and all of your posts and private messages should be intact.   Still learning the ropes with some of the permissions and such, but everyone should have at least the same permissions as they did on the old board.

The only thing I couldn't move were the avatars since we didn't have file level access to the old forum host.  If you want to reset your avatar, click Profile | Modify Profile | Forum Profile.  Then you can upload a new avatar.


Not sure I can handle this new hi-tech forum.  Guess I'm old school  :D

I like it!!!  Nice job Jimmy.



This is great Jimmy (and any others involved)  Pretty darn seamless!  All the posts and accounts seem to have carried over, same features, and even the emails work!



(Probably need to delete all the non-applicable Forum Information Info.)
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