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Shamrock XXVIII - Site Operations Support

Started by Steve Winter, February 20, 2023, 10:11:28 AM

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Steve Winter

Email sent 2/20/23 ... You can reply here as well ... Post what spots you can assist with ... Thx

With Shamrock's new venue, Cloud's Brewing, the Competition Site Requirements have changed somewhat. A crew will be needed to Set Up, one to Tear Down, more management of Food/Beverage along with the standard Sign-In and Inventory Requirements.

My schedule changed after last month's CARBOY meeting and I will not be available the weekend of the competition. Will require someone to lead the Site Operations function on Mar 31 – Apr 1.

Operations Site Lead – 1
Friday Mar 31 – Apr 1
Coordinate the execution of the following functional requirements

Set Up – 4
Friday Mar 31 – Mid-afternoon to early evening (time to be set by Cellar Master & Clouds)
Set up Tables, Chairs, Signage
Consolidate competition supplies
Move Inventory (coolers, boxes, tubs, etc) from parking lot
Arrange the areas (Sign-in, Judging, Cellar, Registrar) to enable safe and efficient flow

Tear Down – 4
Saturday Apr 1 – ~ 5-6PM
Fold and stack Tables/Chairs
Remove all signage and trash
Move Inventory to parking lot

Bagels - 1
Saturday Apr 1 – No Later than 8AM
Make arrangements for fresh Bagels and Spreads
Pick up Bagels and have on Site by 8am
Oversee the arrangement for self-serve of Coffee & Bagels

Table – 2
Saturday Apr 1 – 8am - 5pm
Man the sign-in table at the entrance
all registered Judges/Stewards/Staff (8-9)
Limit the entrance of others to the Comp Site with Organizer approval

Lunch – 2
Saturday Apr 1 – 1100-1300
Oversee the delivery of lunch and setup
[the lunch plan will be provided]

Lunch Beers – 1
Saturday Apr 1 – 1100-1600
Setup the Shank Bank
Serve Commercial beers to Judges/Stewards/Staff
[this is still under review with regard to NC Statutes]

Please reply to this email at your soonest possible convenience. A reply by Saturday Feb 25th will be much appreciated.



I think we are ok on basic staff volunteers, but we can accept any help and find a job for anyone who volunteers. I think as many of us as can should plan to be involved in the Beer delivery and sorting, Set up, and Tear down. I can pick up beers from any of the RTP locations and have a RAV-4 so I can fit a decent amount.

James- Tom Fransen volunteered to be the Assistant Cellar Master.

What                                     When                    Who
Operations Assistants (2nd in command)   31Mar-01Apr           George and Michelle Forte
Set Up                                   31Mar Mid afternoon   Reid Campbell
                                                      John Pickens
                                                      Todd Wentzel
                                                      Matt Harrington
Tear Down                           01Apr 5-6pm           Dave Bunning
                                                      Jim Brewer
                                                      Jennie Mellor
                                                      Brian Mellor
Bagels                                   01Apr by 8am           Donna and Jim Kinn
Sign In Table                           01Apr 8-5pm           Mike McGuire (morning only)
                                                      Susan Morrison
                                                      Bill Morrison
Lunch                                   01Apr 11-1pm            James Kinn
                                                      Susan & Bill
Lunch Beers                            01Apr 11-4pm            Steve Murphy

Beeron Gallonbelly

Beeron Gallonbelly

Steve Winter

Right Now! Officially starts in 6 minutes ... James House  ... 5001 Knaresborough Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612