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Shamrock XXVIII - Tables & Chairs

Started by Steve Winter, February 21, 2023, 12:51:48 PM

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Steve Winter

With the move to Clouds, we'll need to source our own Tables and Chairs. If you have one or know a place that you can borrow a few (or more) ...

Current commitments: Tables 6' - 19; Chairs - 37

Standard rectangle banquet tables with folding legs, 6' or 8' lengths - ~17

example: Banquet Table

Metal folding chairs - ~60

Please reply here or send me an email


I have 4 tables (6 ft) available (one weights a TON).

rob emens


I will bring a 4 ft. table. Clouds has a few, I counted 6 but I don't know how many they will need for the event they are having that day.

Mike Wallace


I have 1 6' and one very small about 4x1' table. I think I have 3 folding chairs.


Here is the table people used at the the meeting to volunteer to bring tables and chairs. Adding the tables from this thread we have 16 tables. Chairs are a problem though. We are only up to 22 folding chairs and 4 camping chairs.

Member Name   Banquet Table #   Size   Chair #
Reid Campbell   1   3x6            0
Tom Edgar   2   4x8            0
Alex George   0   0            4 camp chairs
Abdi S           1   4x4            2
Todd Wentzel   2   3x6            17
Matt Harrington   1   3x6            4
Alan Tennant   1   3x6            0
Brians           4      
Rob Emens   1   6x   
Mike Wallace   1   4x   
Jennie Mellor   2   4x2, 6x3   3


I'll look at our church to see if they may have some chairs we could borrow.