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Congratulations to all the new CARBOY BJCP Judges!

Started by MDixon, August 12, 2007, 10:13:10 AM

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We have had three of the eight members who took the exam move away, but everyone from CARBOY passed the BJCP exam and the results were (once they earn enough experience points):
3 Recognized Judges
4 Certified Judges
1 National Judge

Congratulations to all!

If we have enough interest we can setup another exam and some study sessions to prepare for the exam for those that might desire to take/retake the exam.
It's not a popularity contest, it's beer!


Thanks for all your help, Mike. You were a big part of making such a good showing for Carboy happen. I found the study group to be a great way to go. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who's thinking of taking the plunge.



lost shaker

I'm interested in retaking the essay portion.  I'd like to bump up to certified.

And let me echo Dave's comments.  The group was much appreciated and likely the key to doing so well.

Dave, were you the National?


Walt S

I got Recognized.  I too would like to do the essay part again.

Thanks again Mike D for the tutoring.

Walt S.
Walt Sweeney


I enjoyed the study group, too and I am sure it helped give me some discipline that I would not otherwise have had.  Besides, I enjoyed spending time talking beer and brewing with good friends.  It felt like a team effort going in.  Thanks, Mike for teaching the class and giving us a realistic preview of what to expect.  (Though even with the advice and warnings, it was rough!)

Michael...not me who got to national.  I have an unconfirmed rumor of who that was, but I'll let him/her take the deserved bow!

Cheers to all...thanks for the encouragement along the way!


Tom Viemont

I'd like to take the classes as well.  Sounds like a lot of fun!