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Welcome New Members

Started by DBuns, September 01, 2007, 04:45:57 PM

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Walt introduced us to two:

BTW........we have two new members.................Jim and Tracey Kelley. They gave me their check last night. I think we'll see them at the club's Ofest. Fun people. Jim has a basic knowledge of brewing and has brewed with me on several occasions. Tracey likes beer.

Welcome Jim and Tracey!!

If any others have signed up and would like to introduce themselves here, we'd love to hear from you.....


August was my first meeting I loved it. I will be coming to the Ofest and paying my dues then!



Kip, welcome!!  I hope you'll find this to be a great group of guys with at least one thing in common -- the love of brewing and beer and the discussion of such topics!

See you at the Oktoberfest!  Should be a grand time.

lost shaker

Quote from: "DBuns"I hope you'll find this to be a great group of guys

and gals!