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A Fond Farewell

Started by Walt S, June 28, 2007, 12:22:27 PM

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Walt S

In case you missed it, Rob and Seamane will be relocating to Charlottesville, VA in the next few days.  Rob is a past president of CARBOY and both Rob and Seamane have been two of the "heavy lifters" in the club since their arrival.  They have been great leaders, brewers and friends.  Even though they promise to remain members and make as many events as possible, they will be missed something awful  :cry:

Best of luck with your new jobs and with the relocation stuff.

Walt S.
Walt Sweeney

lost shaker

Three Cheers To Rob and Seamane!!!!



Wow -- I just now saw this (it's been a busy few months). Thanks for the fond farewell. It's not an overstatement to say that despite the great opportunity Rob got in C-ville and our over-the-top love for the city, we actually considered not taking the opportunity because we didn't want to leave our CARBOY friends. But we'll just content ourselves with being satellite members and see you guys as much as we can throughout the year. It was awesome being in the mix again at Oktoberfest this past weekend (and a big thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it such fun), and we look forward to the holiday party in December. We think we'll be in a house again within a month, and we hope some of you will consider coming up for a visit sometime!!


It was good to see you nice you guys. A sister club in VA would be cool.

Nice emoticon!


Seamane, I like the avatar....I think I may have seen that thing at the Oktoberfest?

It was great seeing you and Rob again.  Good luck with the house.  I think a road trip would be a lot of fun!