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Thanks to all who participated in the Shamrock XXIX.

There were 292 entries judged and 128 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stZane Oliver2023 Gueuze23E: GueuzeGarner Ale Society
2ndJoshua CassFuzzy Little Man Peach28A: Brett BeerJames River Homebrewers
3rdTony KulasCzech Dark Lager3D: Czech Dark LagerDown East Alers (DEA)

Pro-Am with Clouds Brewing

BrewerEntry NameStyleClub
Tony KulasCzech Dark Lager3D: Czech Dark LagerDown East Alers (DEA)

Pro-Am with Hatchet Brewing

BrewerEntry NameStyleClub
Brian BallantineJust Kenanator9A: DoppelbockNash St Homebrew Club

Pro-Am with Bond Brothers

BrewerEntry NameStyleClub
Zane OliverEmpty Cartons18B: American Pale AleGarner Ale Society

Best Brewer (77 Participating Brewers)

1stTony Kulas31119.05 Down East Alers (DEA)
2ndAllen Smith31018.04 Winston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
3rdZane Oliver21316.06 Garner Ale Society

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Winning Entries

Table 1: Table 1 - American light lagers/Ales (6 entries)

1stAllen Smith MHPIt's All Watered-Down Swill1A: American Light LagerWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
2ndAllen Smith MHP'Merica1B: American LagerWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
3rdGary RussellAmerican Light Lager1A: American Light Lager

Table 2: Table 2 - Euro Pale Lagers (9 entries)

1stBrandon Christian MHP
Co-Brewer: Carla Christian
Amante De La Cerveza Lager Mexicana2A: International Pale Lager Seven City Brewers
2ndAnthony MercerGnarly Brewing Czech Pilsner3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerDown East Alers (DEA)
3rdZane OliverSvetle Lezak3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerGarner Ale Society

Table 3: Table 3 - Euro Amber/Dark Lagers (5 entries)

1stTony Kulas MHPCzech Dark Lager3D: Czech Dark LagerDown East Alers (DEA)
2ndEric DonieKingsley The Kind3D: Czech Dark Lager
3rdTony Kulas MHPInternational Amber Lager2B: International Amber LagerDown East Alers (DEA)

Table 4: Table 4 - German Light Lagers (13 entries)

1stAllen Smith MHPHigher Standards4A: Munich HellesWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
2ndKen HiltonWhat The Helles Went Wrong?4A: Munich HellesDown East Alers (DEA)
3rdKeith IngersollHells Bells4A: Munich HellesBig Shoe Brewing

Table 5: Table 5 - Kölsch (6 entries)

1stAllen Smith MHPYeast Marketing5B: KölschWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
2ndPatrick Smith MHPHappy Little Accident5B: KölschSeven City Brewers
3rdRobert Schodorf MHPKolsch5B: KölschBirmingham Brewmasters

Table 6: Table 6 - Euro Dark Lagers (9 entries)

1stKen HiltonSlam Dunkel8A: Munich DunkelDown East Alers (DEA)
2ndSteven MaszkiewiczSchwarzbier8B: SchwarzbierCary-Apex-Raleigh-Brewers-Of-Yore (CARBOY)
3rdEric DarnellSlam Dunkel8A: Munich DunkelGarner Ale Society

Table 7: Table 7 - Märzen, Vienna Lager, Altbier (10 entries)

1stSteven MaszkiewiczAltbier7B: AltbierCary-Apex-Raleigh-Brewers-Of-Yore (CARBOY)
2ndBeeron GallonbellyMountainside Oktoberfest6A: MärzenCary-Apex-Raleigh-Brewers-Of-Yore (CARBOY)
3rdClay VickAlbert7B: AltbierDown East Alers (DEA)

Table 8: Table 8 - Amer Wheat, Weissbier, Dunkel Weissbier (8 entries)

1stClay VickArthur10B: Dunkels WeissbierDown East Alers (DEA)
2ndPaul Tagert MHPHarvest Moon10A: WeissbierWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
3rdAnthony MercerGnarly Branch American Wheat1D: American Wheat BeerDown East Alers (DEA)
HMJim EbertAmerican Girl1D: American Wheat BeerJames River Homebrewers

Table 9: Table 9 - Doppelbock, Baltic Porter, Weizenbock, Scottish Heavy and Export (9 entries)

1stBrian BallantineJust Kenanator9A: Doppelbock Nash St Homebrew Club
2ndBrian Ballantine
Co-Brewer: Jayson Gowdy
Chocolate Thunder9C: Baltic PorterNash St Homebrew Club
3rdBrandon Christian MHP
Co-Brewer: Carla Christian
Scottch Ale14C: Scottish ExportSeven City Brewers

Table 10: Table 10 - British Bitter, British Golden Ale, Australian Sparkling Ale (7 entries)

1stCarl TeacheyThanks, Tagert14A: Scottish LightWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
2ndBrian BallantineBurton Bitter11B: Best BitterNash St Homebrew Club

Table 11: Table 11 - Dark Milds (9 entries)

1stTony Kulas MHPDark Mild13A: Dark MildDown East Alers (DEA)
2ndAdrian SutherlandCrimson Serenade15A: Irish Red AleUpper Palmetto Zymurgy Society
3rdBradley OlsonRed's What She Said15A: Irish Red AleWhite Street Brewer's Guild

Table 12: Table 12 - Irish Stout/Extra Stout, Oatmeal, Tropical, Foreign Extra Stout (11 entries)

1stAnthony MercerGnarly Branch Irish Stout15B: Irish StoutDown East Alers (DEA)
2ndAnthony MercerGnarly Brewing Oatmeal Stout16B: Oatmeal StoutDown East Alers (DEA)
3rdJay Brantley MHPWheel In The Sky16B: Oatmeal StoutPC Mashers
HMKen HiltonRussian Spies In Dublin15C: Irish Extra StoutDown East Alers (DEA)

Table 13: Table 13 - *2 flights* British Strong, Wee Heavy, English Barley Wine (11 entries)

1stRusty Barrel10017D: English Barley WineJames River Homebrewers
2ndBill LynchBill's Barleywine 17D: English Barley WineCarolina Brewmasters
3rdRobert LarsenOld Days17B: Old AleDown East Alers (DEA)
HMCarl TeacheyThe Biggest Otter17D: English Barley WineWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club

Table 14: Table 14 - Am Pale, Am Amber, Calif Common (10 entries)

1stZane OliverEmpty Cartons18B: American Pale AleGarner Ale Society
2ndCarl TeacheyBaby's First Closed Transfer 18B: American Pale AleWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
3rdJordan LaFontaineAmerican Pale18B: American Pale AleHolly Springs Brusaders

Table 15: Table 15 - English Porter, Am. Brown, Am. Porter (10 entries)

1stCarl TeacheyLast Stop In England13C: English PorterWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
2ndAnthony MercerMystic Porter20A: American PorterDown East Alers (DEA)
3rdWalter CarmichaelCafe Libros20A: American PorterWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club

Table 16: Table 16 - Am. Stout, Imperial Stout (13 entries)

1stWilliam PetersonCoffee RIP20C: Imperial StoutAlcohol Through Fermentation
2ndJohn MartinBlacker Than A Trillion Midnights20C: Imperial Stout
3rdBrian McCrickard MHPDark Matter20C: Imperial StoutSeven City Brewers

Table 17: Table 17 - American IPA (11 entries)

1stBen Gaylord MHPTorn Asunder21A: American IPA
2ndAndrew JenningsMosiac Of El Stratosphere21A: American IPABattleground Brewers Guild
3rdDennis FieldsSnow Plowed IPA 21A: American IPAUpper Palmetto Zymurgy Society

Table 18: Table 18 - Hazy IPA (8 entries)

1stGrant AndersonCloudica21C: Hazy IPADown East Alers (DEA)
2ndBen Gaylord MHPDear Ambellina21C: Hazy IPA
3rdJay Brantley MHPYou Haze Bro?21C: Hazy IPAPC Mashers

Table 19: Table 19 - Specialty IPA, Black IPA, Double IPA (10 entries)

1stGrant AndersonAlley Cat22A: Double IPADown East Alers (DEA)
2ndBen Gaylord MHPCleansed By Fire22A: Double IPA
3rdRyan LarsenCold As Rice21B: Specialty IPA James River Homebrewers

Table 20: Table 20 - European Sour Ale (9 entries)

1stZane Oliver2023 Gueuze23E: GueuzeGarner Ale Society
2ndEdward MarquardtGolden Sour23E: GueuzeLowcountry Libations
3rdZane Oliver2023 Muscadine Gueuze23F: Fruit Lambic Garner Ale Society
HMHeath JohnsPeaches For Jacob23F: Fruit Lambic

Table 21: Table 21 - Belgian Blond, Saison (8 entries)

1stJoshua Cass
Co-Brewer: Dan Koen
Jan Michael Vincent25A: Belgian Blond AleJames River Homebrewers
2ndKen HiltonTis The Saison For All Good Things25B: Saison Down East Alers (DEA)
3rdZane OliverSaison De Riviere25B: Saison Garner Ale Society
HMJames StevensMego Is Not A Blonde25A: Belgian Blond AleHolly Springs Brusaders

Table 22: Table 22 - American Wild Ale (16 entries)

1stJoshua CassFuzzy Little Man Peach28A: Brett Beer James River Homebrewers
2ndZane OliverExpanding Culture28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Garner Ale Society
3rdGary MorganRalph28A: Brett Beer Cary-Apex-Raleigh-Brewers-Of-Yore (CARBOY)

Table 23: Table 23 - Fruit Beer (12 entries)

1stPatrick Smith MHPBlueberry Blitz29A: Fruit Beer Seven City Brewers
2ndGary RussellCitrus Vanilla Milkshake IPA29C: Specialty Fruit Beer
3rdKristen Boucher
Co-Brewer: Jeremy Boucher
Red Sea29A: Fruit Beer Savannah Brewers League
HMKeith IngersollHells Bells With Blackberry 29A: Fruit Beer Big Shoe Brewing

Table 24: Table 24 - Rauchbier, Classic and Specialty Smoked (4 entries)

1stBernard RoperForge & Fire Rauchbier6B: RauchbierWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
2ndRyan LarsenShmoke Dawg32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer James River Homebrewers
3rdBill LynchBill's Texas Margarita Porter32B: Specialty Smoked Beer Carolina Brewmasters

Table 25: Table 25 - Light Blonde ales/lagers (9 entries)

1stNancy M JohnsonBooWooBlonde18A: Blonde Ale151 Brew Club
2ndSteven Jones252 P&R Lager (Pils/rice)27A6: Pre-Prohibition LagerDown East Alers (DEA)
3rdClay VickFritz27A: Historical Beer Down East Alers (DEA)

Table 26: Table 26 - Belgian Big Beers (13 entries)

1stTony Kulas MHPBelgian Dubbel26B: Belgian DubbelDown East Alers (DEA)
2ndKen HiltonBastogne Honey Blonde26A: Belgian SingleDown East Alers (DEA)
3rdTracy Pratt MHPShimae All Day26B: Belgian DubbelBattleground Brewers Guild

Table 27: Table 27 - Spiced Beer (13 entries)

1stBryan AllenDark Necessities 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Savannah Brewers League
2ndBradley OlsonFirey Redhead's Half-Sister30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer White Street Brewer's Guild
3rdScott SalamoneMinuteman 30C: Winter Seasonal Beer Colonial Ale Smiths & Keggers (CASK)
4thJoshua CassBlue Collar Coffee Stout30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer James River Homebrewers

Table 28: Table 28 - Wood Aged Beers (13 entries)

1stSteven JonesOld Timer 33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Down East Alers (DEA)
2ndRobert GoodwinCrazy Joe Oaked Pirate Strong Ale33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Winston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
3rdRusty BarrelMona Lisa33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer James River Homebrewers

Table 29: Table 29 - Experimental Beers (10 entries)

1stKristen Boucher
Co-Brewer: Jeremy Boucher
Pool Day34C: Experimental Beer Savannah Brewers League
2ndBrian Ballantine
Co-Brewer: Jayson Gowdy
Oppenheimanator34C: Experimental Beer Nash St Homebrew Club
3rdKen HiltonFunky Fir34C: Experimental Beer Down East Alers (DEA)

Table 30: Table 30 - German Malty Lagers (4 entries)

1stRoss Gerdon MHPHeron Festbier 4B: FestbierIredell Brewers United (IBU)
2ndTony Kulas MHPHelles Bock4C: Helles BockDown East Alers (DEA)
3rdNathan RiversGerman_lager24C: Helles Bock

Table 31: Table 31 - Witbier (6 entries)

1stNathan RiversWit_NR24A: Witbier
2ndRobert Schodorf MHPOMG! What A Wit!24A: WitbierBirmingham Brewmasters
3rdJim EbertWhiteout24A: WitbierJames River Homebrewers