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Bar photos

Started by MDixon, May 15, 2007, 11:02:42 PM

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Mike Weiss has done a splendid job of building the club bar to take to the NHC. This is the bar we voted to spend club monies to build and Mike was able to get many of the bar materials donated.

It's not a popularity contest, it's beer!

Mark G

Great Job Mike, thanks for all your efforts.


Walt S

I'm sure it will see appearances at many CARBOY events to come.  Ofest, Holiday party, Shamrock etc...

Way to go Mike!!! :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

Walt S.
Walt Sweeney


I forgot to put the dimensions. The bar is about 4' long and 14" tall. The top lifts off, the shank bank (I love that term) slides out, the sides fold in and the drip tray is removable. So it all breaks down into  a neat little package.

Thanks to Brian Sico for helping brainstorm the design. Mike took some back of the napkin scribble we dreamed up and made a beautiful piece.

The hoses and disconnects are not yet in place but it will have 6 flare swivels on the end of 5' long dispensing hoses. The club also has 6 ball lock beer disconnects (mfl), 2 pin lock beer disconnects (mfl), and two tailpiece to flare conversions if we need to hook up commercial kegs. The club purchased a German Slider tap long ago, but we may want to think about purchasing a standard Sankey tap at some point.
It's not a popularity contest, it's beer!


WOW, that looks GREAT!!   Great Job Mike!!!!

Tom Viemont

That looks beautiful.  Great work to all involved.

carboy will make a big splash at Club Night


Outstanding, guys!  I'd be proud to be your publican!

Cheers to you!!!!!


Looks great!!  Now it just needs some turned wood tap handles!


Excellent work, looks great guys.


WOW. That looks really great. Just drop it off at my house on Tuesday anytime after 5:00 and I'll take good care of it. Wink wink nudge nudge.

lost shaker

Holy CRAP!  That thing ROCKS!!!

Thanks for all the work!