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CARBOY Yahoogroup - tracking

Started by MDixon, February 10, 2008, 10:01:27 AM

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Jim sent this out on Yahoo, be sure to opt-out if you feel so inclined.

QuoteYahoo is now using something called "Web Beacons" to track Yahoo
Group users around the net and see what you're doing and where you
are going (similar to cookies.) Yahoo is recording every website and
every group you visit. Take a look at their updated privacy


2. About half-way down the page, in the section on Cookies, you will
see a link that says Web Beacons. Click on the phrase "Web

3. That will bring you to a paragraph entitled "Outside the Yahoo
Network". In this section you'll see a little "click here to opt
out" link which will let you "opt-out" of their new method of

4. Once you have clicked that link, you are exempted.[Notice
the "Success" message on the top of the next page. Be careful because
on that page there is also a "Cancel Opt-out" button which, if clicked,
will *undo* the opt-out. It appears after you have hit the opt-out
button so is very confusing..
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