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Recipe Files and Photos hosting

Started by MDixon, April 26, 2007, 08:29:41 AM

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Based upon a suggestion at the meeting we have setup the Yahoogroups to house Recipe Files and Photos since we cannot house them on the Forum.

There are three new folders:
Yahoogroup Pictures Folder - a folder for photos

Yahoogroup Promash Recipe Folder - a folder for *.rec file sharing

Yahoogroup Recipes Folder - a folder for other homebrew recipe file sharing (*.pdf or *.doc)

Photos -
Once you upload a photo (hopefully one of reasonably small size), you can link to it in your post by clicking "Img" then Copy Link Location of the photo in the Yahoogroup folder and close by clicking "Img" once again. One the post is finalized, the photo should be visible on the site

It would end up looking like:

Note: Always preview before posting to see if you got the link correct.

Recipes -
You can either tell someone that you have placed a recipe in the Promash folder or the standard Recipe Folder or you can link directly to the Promash file or document. To do so click "URL" and you will get //,%20go%20inside%20that%20and%20put%20an%20"="%20sign%20before%20the%20right%20bracket%20and%20then%20insert%20the%20link%20location%20of%20the%20file%20on%20Yahoogroups%20including%20the%20http://%20information,%20then%20after%20the%20right%20bracket%20type%20the%20name%20of%20the%20recipe,%20once%20that%20is%20completed%20click%20"URL"%20once%20again.It%20would%20end%20up%20looking%20like:[url=full%20Yahoogroups%20link]My%20recipe%20name
and would link directly to the file.
Note: Always preview before posting to see if you got the link correct.
It's not a popularity contest, it's beer!


Found a potential glitch with linking the Yahoogroup Photo's. The photo is assigned a sort of temporary link. If you point to the exact link the photo should appear in the thread.

The folder on Yahoogroups is:
simply add the EXACT filename after the slash following Pictures.

It would look like

It's not a popularity contest, it's beer!