2022 CARBOY Shamrock XXVII Open

 2022 CARBOY Shamrock Open XXVII 

Competition Complete! 72 Brewers – 218 Entries 

Results: Shamrock XXVII Results

Scoresheets are available (3/22/22 22:35) … Login to your registration page and click ‘Download Scoresheet’

Shamrock XXVII Registration Page

Any questions or concerns, contact the Registrar

BJCP Sanctioned Competition Program (SCP) Registered #208813

*** Shamrock will continue with virtual judging for another year. BJCP 2021 Guidelines will be used. Please read the notes below, as some of the standard past practices have changed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is a question or a concern, you are not the only person that has the same question. ***

All participants must be 21 years of age or older (No exceptions)

Results of the competition will be posted

Saturday March 19, 2022

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Our fearless Competition leaders (left click on their name to send an email)

Competition Organizer – Gary Morgan
Judge Director – Mike McGuire
Cellar Master – James Hopson
Registrar – Steve Winter


  • The 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines will be in effect and used to evaluate Entries for this competition
  • All 34 beer categories listed for the BJCP Style Guidelines will be accepted.
  • Entries for Meads and Ciders will not be accepted.
  • Entries will be submitted by substyle. Flights and subsequent awards will be organized across the 34 Categories to accommodate Judge Resources.


  • When 300 entries are approached, Judge availability will be evaluated to keep the registration open. Our experiences last year gives us confidence on the logistical challenges, entry evaluation and the feedback to all Brewers.
  • Individual Brewers are limited to 12 Entries. This complies with the Southeastern Homebrewers Association SHA By-Laws for competitions.
  • Only one entry per subcategory allowed (example: You can have one entry in 21A and one in 21C but you can’t have two in 21A or two in 21C).
  • Each Entry will consist of:
    • Completed on-line entry form
    • $ 7.00 Entry fee submitted via PayPal
    • Three (3) Containers … bottles or cans (don’t mix container type for an Entry)
    • Completed Shamrock Competition ENTRY FORM, as printed from the Registration Page, attached to each container with rubber bands.
  • Please wait to register your Entries until you are satisfied with your selection of the BJCP 2021 Category / Style for your Beer.
  • Entries must be received/dropped off at one of the Drop-Off locations listed below by 5PM ET on Saturday February 19th. No exceptions. Anything dropped off after 5PM ET on Saturday February 19th will not be eligible for judging. There will be no further pick-ups from Drop-Offs prior to the competition.
  • There will be no formal out-of-town pickup this year. SHA Homebrew clubs may be coordinating collection and delivery. Check with your local club and have them contact the Shamrock Cellar Master to streamline delivery.
  • No-shows will not receive a refund.

Drop Off / Ship To Locations

The following Homebrew Shops have once again graciously opened their doors in supporting the collection of Beers. Shipments to, and six-pack holders dropped off, with Entries, will have a shipping label stating “c/o Shamrock Open XXVII”. Recommend that a review of the Brew Shop website is done prior to making a trip to drop off entries for any recent changes.

A note from the Brew Shops:  FedEx, UPS, and USPS have all been struggling. Mail-in entries are likely to be delayed, and each day they are delayed, there’s another chance for bottles to be damaged. Extreme care in packaging is highly recommended!!

Atlantic Brew Supply
3709 Neil Street Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 400-9087
Store Hours Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 6PMAmerican Brewmaster
3021-5 Stoneybrook Dr. Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 850-0095
Store Hours Monday – Saturday 10AM – 6PM; Sunday 12-5PMBull City Homebrew
5410 NC HIGHWAY 55 STE AF, Durham, NC 27713
(919) 682-0300
Store Hours Tuesday – Saturday 11AM – 7PM; Sunday 10-6PM

**The Home Brewer is transferring custody and liability of their Entry to the Homebrew Shop and subsequently to the Shamrock Competition, who will collect, transfer, store and deliver the Homebrew Entries to the competition.**

Entry Labels will be printed from the Brewer’s Registration Entry Page


  • Bottles must be plain brown or green glass, 10 to 16 ounces in volume, crown capped. Use of brown, long-neck, 12oz bottles is encouraged but not required.
  • Cans must be plain aluminum, 12 to 16 ounces in volume, no extraneous markings.
  • All containers for an entry must be the same.
  • All entries will be free of markings or unique identification, and will be labeled as described below.
  • Bottles, cans and caps must be free of anything which is sufficiently unique that could identify a Brewer to a Judge. This may include raised lettering, labels, unique bottle shapes or the like. Bottle caps will have any distinguishing marks completely blacked out.
  • No swing-top bottles.
  • Reusable containers, including “Carbonator” type devices CAN NOT be returned.
  • Bottles/Cans not meeting these guidelines will be disqualified and ineligible for award. At the discretion of the Organizer, disqualified bottles/cans may be evaluated and scoresheets provided to the Brewer.

Container Labels – Each bottle/can will require a ‘Shamrock Entry Form‘, as printed from the Registration Page, attached to the container with rubber bands.


  • Judging will take place over the course of 17 days in a decentralized fashion.
  • Register to Judge or Steward on the Registration Page. The Judge Director will provide follow directions.
  • The Judges will be assigned partners and flights by the Judge Director.
  • Every effort will be made to have all entries judged by qualified participants in the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).
  • Requirements for Stewards will be minimal.
  • Category / Style Judging will take place between February 25th and March 14th.
  • Flight evaluation will be conducted and completed at single sittings.
  • Best of Show will take place at a single sitting on March 17th.
  • Judge and steward experience points will be reported to the BJCP.
  • Some categories may be condensed with categories of similar style for determining 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, at the Organizers’ discretion.
  • Conversely, categories in which a large number of entries are received in each of several sub-categories may be expanded to determine ribbon winners and Best of Show entries

Results and Awards

  • Best of Show First Place will be offered the opportunity to brew their winning entry with Hatchet Brewing Company located in Southern Pines, NC. The winner will work with the head brewer to scale up the recipe and brew their beer on the commercial system, then have it offered for sale in the Tap Room and other venues.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Best of Show beers will receive a Shamrock Open XXVII Best of Show Ribbon and Award.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd place beers in each Category will receive a Shamrock Open XXVII Ribbon and Coaster.
  • Results will be published no later than Saturday March 19th, and sooner if at all possible.
  • Scoresheets will be available on the Brewer’s Registration Page when the Competition Results are published.
  • Ribbons and Awards will be mailed as soon as possible following the conclusion of the completion.

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