Raffle Donation Documentation

  1. Please click on the List of Breweries and Pubs below. Review the list and if you see a business you are interested in, check the Volunteer column.
  2. If the field is empty, for the business you would like to visit, send an email to David at deltapbravo (at) yahoo.com with your name, the names of the breweries/pubs/bottle shops, bars, etc, the date you will have the requested donation, and David will add your name to the spreadsheet.
  3. If you have a local bar, brewpub or bottle shop and don’t see it on the list, please email David and he can get it added to the list and add your name as a volunteer. 
  4. Below, there is also a Donation Letter for you to download. If you do not have a printer, email the contact’s name and email address to David and he will email the letter to them or send it in the mail.
  5. David will try to have some letters printed to hand out at the next meeting. If you need one, please email David so he has a count.
  6. Once you receive the donation, get the STUFF to someone who can get it to David, at a Carboy Meeting, or the day of Shamrock.

If any questions, please email David at deltapbravo (at) yahoo.com.

If you have any trouble, please email carboycommunications@carboyclub.com.

List of Breweries and Pubs

List of Suppliers, Magazines and Organizations

Donation Letter – 2023 – PDF document 

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