Southern Pines Brewery Tours!

The (2nd annual) Carboy Southern Pines Brewery Tour trip will occur on Feb 3.

Breweries – We anticipate visiting Southern Pines Brewing Company, Hatchet Brewing Company and Railhouse Brewery (list subject to change)
If you are interested in attending and are not already on the list, then please contact James Hopson. If you aren’t sure how to get ahold of him, please email webmaster @ and I will help get you in touch with him.
Carpool – we will try to arrange a carpool for everyone – we have a couple of folks that have volunteered to drive. Details will be provided once we know who all is going. If you would like to drive yourself or have space to take others with you, let us know. We’ll arrange the transport details next week.
Costs – Club members will receive their first pint at one of the locations paid for by the club. If your membership is out of date, please update it. For non-members we ask that they pay for their own beverages. Note that the breweries usually offer some complimentary tasting in the brewhouse, but it is courtesy to buy at least one item at each location. It is also a courtesy for carpool riders to cover the driver’s expenses (food and beverage).
Lunch and Dinner – We will plan on getting lunch when arriving in Southern Pines around noon and Dinner around 5-5:30 pm.
Timing – Departure from Raleigh at around 10:30 am on Feb 3. We anticipate returning to Raleigh around 7pm (or 6pm for those not staying for dinner in Southern Pines).
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