November Virtual Meeting Info

Apologies for the later-than usual communication. As you may have guessed, the brewery I had planned to work with this month fell through, meaning no mixed pack of beer to pick up this month. We’ll pick this back up in January since next month we have the holiday homebrew to share. More details on that in this months meeting.

In lieu of the local brewery this month, I’d like to encourage everyone to go out and pick up their favorite seasonal beer, and we can talk it over/review it during the meeting. I’ve already grabbed a few bottles of my favorite, Troegs Mad Elf. I’m interested to see what everyone else has!

And of course, in normal years this would be our cheese meeting. While we can’t share it this year, grab some cheese (stinky or not) and enjoy it along with the tasting.

The meeting date is this Wednesday, November 25th at 7pm. The meeting link can be found in the email sent out late this afternoon, or in the CARBOY forums.

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Mid-month Club Announcements

The organizers of beer wars are trying to gauge interest in a competition this year. They are looking at splitting the judging locations to have one in Charlotte and one in Knightdale this year. If you are a BJCP judge and are interested, please email for more information.
Someone in North Raleigh has reached out to us to let us know that they have ~90 bottles, labels removed and sanitized, up for grabs. If you’re interested, email and I’ll put you in touch with them!
Finally, if you’re planning on participating in the holiday homebrew share, I hope you’ve started planning/brewing! Remember, you’ll have to have brewed, bottled, and delivered your 20 bottles to the drop off point by the end of the week of Dec 7-12. Email with more details coming shortly to those that have expressed interest in the project. Interested but haven’t expressed it yet? Email
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October Meeting Information Posted in the Forum

Follow-up with meeting link for tomorrow, lambic presentation slides, and czech pils recipe have been sent out via email and are also available in the club webpage forum!

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October Virtual Meeting

Happy Fall! I hope everyone is enjoying these cooler temperatures as much as I am. Our next virtual club meeting is next Wednesday, October 28th at 7pm. We have another great meeting lined up so I hope you can join!

As a continuation of our support of local breweries and education, Lynnwood Brewing Concern has put together a pack of 3 beers for purchase that we can taste through as a group. The beers will be a can of Czech Yourself Pils, a can of Hop on Top, and a bottle of Biere De Coupage (a fruited sour with red currant and hibiscus). They do not typically sell individual cans, but they are making an exception for us for through next week. I don’t have the exact price for the whole pack, but it should come in just under $20. If that cost is prohibitive, you should be able to omit any of the 3 you don’t want to purchase to lower the price. Mention you’re picking up the CARBOY pack, and you *may* need to mention the specific beers listed above if they look confused. It is not always easy to convey these things to the entire front of house staff! This is available for pickup between now and the 28th at 1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604. Unfortunately, I’m not certain any of the Lynnwood Brewers will be able to attend the meeting to discuss the beers, but they have sent me details about each beer including the recipe for Czech Yourself Pils, should anyone want to brew it themselves. I will send that information out via the email list and club forums, along with the meeting link, closer to next Wednesday. Not on the email list? Email with a request to be put on it.

In addition, CARBOY is trying to gauge interest in having a winter homebrew exchange event. Basically, brew your favorite winter brew, whether that be a winter warmer, pumpkin spice whatever, etc! Any style counts, so don’t feel pressured into a specific style. CARBOY will reimburse you up to a certain amount (probably not the entire cost of the brew, but we’re thinking around $30). In exchange for that reimbursement, we would like a certain number of beers (somewhere in the 15-20 bottle range, but we would be glad to negotiate if you’re a small batch brewer). Those beers would then be distributed to the rest of the dues paying club members for consumption at our December virtual meeting. If you are interested, there is a survey to fill out that you can find in either the email list that went out or the club forum.

Finally, unfortunately George was unable to give his presentation at last month’s meeting. He likely won’t be able to attend the next couple months, and so we agreed to send an elaborated version of his presentation slides to the club instead of making it a presentation. I will be sending that out in the email/club forum post closer to the meeting as well, along with contact information in the event anyone has followup questions for him. Just a reminder, if you have an idea for a presentation or would like to present something educational yourself, please email
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September Virtual Meeting

I hope this message finds everyone well. Our next virtual club meeting is next Wednesday, September 23, at 7pm. This is going to be a great meeting so I hope everyone can make it!

Club member George Forte is going to give a presentation on wild ales/lambics. He is an excellent brewer of both styles so you’re not going to want to miss this. If you have an idea for a future educational presentation, please reach out to us at

Also, as a continuation of our support of local breweries and education, Trophy brewing has put together a 4 pack of cans for purchase that we can taste through as a group. The beers will be Trophy Husband Witbier, Cloud Surfer IPA, This is a Movement not a Moment IPA, and Slingshot Coffee Porter. The pack will cost $11.99 and will be available for pickup at their brewery and taproom located at 656 Maywood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603 starting tomorrow (Friday the 18th). They have multiple locations so be sure to go to address above. Just mention you’re picking up the CARBOY 4 pack. Chief Brewing Officer Les Steward from Trophy will be joining us to talk through the beers and answer any questions we might have. Trophy is an excellent brewery and has been a great supporter of the club, so if you can go pick up a pack and get it in the fridge for the meeting!

Finally, please see the forums, under ‘events’, for the link to the September Virtual Meeting. In addition, if you are not on the club email list and would like to be, email us at

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August Virtual Meeting Link

Please see the forums, under ‘events’, for the link to the August Virtual Meeting.

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August Virtual Meeting

August virtual meeting update!

The next meeting is Wednesday, August 26th at 7pm. Similar to last month with Clouds Brewing, Bond Brothers Beer Company has put together a pack of 3 beers for CARBOY to purchase for our August meeting. The beers are Local (IPA – can), Gussenbrau (lager -can), and Better With Bugs (mixed ferm – bottle). They are offering the 3 pack at a very generous price of $15. Given the pricing, there are limited quantities of this pack available (around 15-20, I believe). Please do not abuse this – if you’re planning on attending by all means grab a pack, but please no more than 1 so there is plenty for everyone. They are currently available to pickup at Bond Brothers Beer Company – just mention you are grabbing the beers for the CARBOY meeting and you should be good to go. They will be available until the day of the meeting or until they sellout, whatever comes first. Whit and Cam from Bond Bros will both be attending the meeting to talk about mixed fermentation, as well!

Expect an email sometime over the next week with a link to the video meeting. If you aren’t on our email list yet, please send and email to requesting to get on the list.

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NC Brewers Cup (Commercial Competition)

Hey all! I’m just passing this on from the NC Brewers Guild:

Greetings from the NC Craft Brewers Guild!

The 2020 NC Brewers Cup Competition, sponsored by ABS Commercial and Pro Refrigeration, Inc., will be held this August 15-16. Because of the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in this year due to COVID, the competition will look a little different this year …

Competition judging will be distributed across three locations on the same weekend in order to 1) reduce the density of participants in any one location & facilitate social distancing, and 2) remove the need for hotel stays.

Judging will be held at the following three locations on August 15 & 16 (Saturday & Sunday):

Triangle Region – The Cookery, Durham
Charlotte Region – NoDa Brewing Company, Charlotte
Asheville Region – Highland Brewing Company, Asheville

We are seeking volunteers to serve as judges and stewards for all three locations. Participants should register for the site that is most convenient to their home.

In exchange for your time, we’ll provide an individually packaged lunch, tasty beer, and competition fun (including great NCBeer merch giveaways!)

The schedule:

August 12 (Wednesday): Entry Inventory (Durham location only)
August 15 and 16 (Saturday and Sunday): Competition Judging (Durham, Charlotte, Asheville)


In addition to reducing the number of people at each location, and removing the need for hotel stays, we will be observing the following safety guidelines:

Face covering requirement when not seated at judging tables, or eating lunch.

All volunteers will observe social distancing of 6′ feet.

Symptom screening at start of each volunteer shift

Lunch will be individually packaged (no buffet or shared food/utensils)

1 pair of judges per table (4 judging tables per location)

Judges will be paired for the entirety of the day in order to minimize contact. (Can’t stay all-day? Contact Kevin Thorngren at

The Final Best of Show (BOS) judging round will be held on Saturday, August 22nd at the Pro Refrigeration location in Mocksville, NC. (Registration for the Final BOS judging round will be held separately.)

Questions??? Please contact Kevin Thorngren at or Lisa Parker at

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July’s virtual meeting and Mead day info

A couple club updates:

First, the next meeting will be virtual and take place on July 22nd. We’ll be trying something new to encourage tasting the same beer as a group as well as helping support a fantastic brewery that has always supported us in the past. Clouds brewing set aside 4 packs of specific beer with a special price of $2 per beer ($8 for the 4 pack) for us to taste through as a group. To purchase them, just visit during their taproom hours of Thursday thru Sunday 2pm to 8pm. Just mention that you’re buying the CARBOY tasting beers to get the discount. The beers are Bock to the Future, Midnight delight, Wolkenbrau, and Blood Orange Hop Jam. John will also be joining us on the 22nd to talk about these beers as we taste through them. The beers aren’t a requirement to attend the meeting, just a way for us to support the community, so pick them up if you can! Also on this front, we’re going to attempt to send the meeting link out via email this month. Our email list is likely incomplete, so if you’d like to be included on that communication please send your name and email address to

Second, Mead day is approaching. Todd asked me to pass on a message to everyone, and so I’ll post it below. The meeting will be held in person at Todd’s house, so please use your best judgement on whether you should attend, and take all possible precautions if you do. See the message below, and the CARBOY forum for Todd’s address:

It’s coming up sooner than you think. Our honey order for the MEAD DAY BREW-IN will go in Tuesday, July 21st, BEFORE the Carboy meeting. Cost: orange blossom = $55/15# or blended wildflower = $35/15#(enough for a 5-6 gal. batch). Again, please contact me for guidance on recipes at This year’s event will be Saturday, Aug. 1st, 9:00am. I’ll set up early for those who want to get a head start on any heat. Our sponsor, the CARBOY Homebrew club will again provide yeasts, yeast nutrients, brats, burgers AND SIDES. Please remember to bring a lawn chair and a carboy if you’re brewing. Also, there will be plenty of good mead and beer to sample while we’re brewing. Feel free to bring some of your favorite beverages to share BUT NO SIDE DISHES THIS TIME! WE’LL TAKE CARE OF THAT, TO MINIMIZE P2P CONTACT.

Location: Todd Wenzel’s Home

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Wednesday’s Virtual Meeting

Just a reminder to everyone that we’ll be hosting a virtual meetup this Wednesday at 7pm. We don’t have a good way to share the link that is secure, so in order to keep the chance of unwanted guests to a minimum I will be posting the link to the meeting both here and on the Facebook page about 15-30 minutes before the actual meeting. So install the zoom client, chill some homebrew, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s face this Wednesday!

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