Local ribbon winning recipes

Here are some recipes collected from CARBOY members over the years.
These are all ribbon winning recipes from area Homebrew competitions!

1. Light Lager

2. Pilsner

MD CAP (Mike Dixon)

3. European Amber Lager

Spaten ! (Mike Dixon)

4. Dark Lager

5. Bock

Doppelbock (Glenn Thomas)
Traditional Bock (Keith Klemp)

6. Light Hybrid Beer

Klassic Kolsch (Mike Dixon)

7. Amber Hybrid Beer

Altstadt Alt (Mike Dixon)
Red Ryder (Mike Dixon)
Mark's North German Alt (Mark Garwatoski)

8. English Pale Ale

ESB (Steve Murphrey)
Fuggled Up Pale (Mike Dixon)
Presbyter Hal Brown Ale (Mitch Hayes)

9. Scottish & Irish Ale

Brewer's Scottish Ale (Jim Brewer)
Dumfries Scotch Ale (J. Wilson)

10. American Ale

Lakeside Golden Ale (Glenn Thomas)
Sunshine Amber Ale (Jim Smith)
American Pale Ale (Allen Johnson)

11. English Brown Ale

Brewer's English Mild (Jim Brewer)
Red Mild (Mike Dixon)
Raleigh Nut Brown Ale (Mark Moeller)
Nutty Monk Nut Brown Ale (Michael Welch)

12. Porter

Brewer's Robust Porter (Jim Brewer)
Historical Porter (Mike Dixon)

13. Stout

Ciccarelli Stout (John Ciccarelli)
Dry Stout (Mark Garwatoski)
Mark's Russion Imperial Stout (Mark Garwatoski)

14. India Pale Ale (IPA)

I P Freely (Mike Dixon)
American IPA
(Mark Garwatoski)
Mark's IPA (Mark Garwatoski)
Mark's Imperial IPA (Mark Garwatoski)

15. German Wheat & Rye Beer

Brewer's Hefe-Weissen (Jim Brewer)
German Weizen (Bruce Pitner)
Hefeweizen (Dave Buning)
Weizenbock Party (Mike Dixon)

16. Belgian & French Ale

Wit or Witout (Mike Dixon)
SinSaisonal (Mike Dixon)

17. Sour Ale

Berlin-Er-We-I-See (Mike Dixon)
Now We're A Bruin (Mike Dixon)

18. Belgian Strong Ale

Brewer's Belgium Dubbel (Jim Brewer)
Belgian2 (Alan Johnson)
Dubbel Trouble (Mark Garwatoski)

19. Strong Ale

Bigfoot + (Mike Dixon)

20. Fruit Beer

Raspberry Porter (Jimmy Jefferson)

21. Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

Christmas Cheer IV (Alan Johnson)

22. Smoke-Flavored & Wood-Age Beer

23. Specialty Beer

140/- Historical Scottish Ale (1850) (Mike Dixon)
Brewer's Wheat Wine (Jim Brewer)
Mikeís Hard Lemonade (Mike Dixon)

24. Traditional Mead

Sweet Traditional Mead (Steve Murphrey)

25. Melomel (Fruit Mead)

Sweet Peach Melomel (Steve Murphrey)

26. Other Mead

Vanilla Pyment Still Sweet Mead (Gary Morgan)

27. Standard Cider & Perry

28. Specialty Cider & Perry

Other CARBOY favorite recipes:

Adamís ESB (Bill MacKenzie)
Big Brew-in Bitter (Steve Murphrey)
Brewer's ESB (Jim Brewer)
Brewer's Steam Beer (Jim Brewer)
Brewer's Wee Heavy (Jim Brewer)
Brewer's RIS (Jim Brewer)
Belgian Anniversary Wit (Jim Kinn)
Brewer's Belgium Saison (Jim Brewer)
Brewer's Belgium Wit (Jim Brewer)
Extract IPA
(Jim Cross)  
Hollerweenie Pumpkin Ale
(Dave Buning)
Rattler's Oatmeal Stout (Tony Hewitt)
St. Nicholas's Pride (Jim Brewer)
Smoked Porter (Jeff Vogt)

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